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CMS Website Development

CMS Website Development Ideas from Eons Soft Tech

A simple, easy and trouble-free maintenance oriented website is always a great interest for the present day SMBs. CMS website is the best answer to these needs. A WordPress based website is easy to develop yet instilling all the needed features into it. Important convenience is that it is easy to maintain like add and delete content and some more features. Eons Soft Tech is experienced and ready to help you with the plenty of CMS website ideas. We can customize well your WordPress website exactly according to your requirement and it will be as same as any other regular website too.

  • It is available always ready yet being developer friendly for easy understanding of the logic structure and about the effective usage of APIs.
  • A CMS is a pre-made solution for your any type of website requirement. There will be plugins to satiate well to every purpose while readily available themes enable less coding for the developers.
  • A CMS website is always quick to load and it is convenient to make the site SEO friendly too.
  • Allows multiple and unlimited user roles, unlike the traditional website. It accommodates easy and convenient updating of the content on the website.
  • Most of the CMS like WordPress is always user-friendly.
  • A traditional website design is costly keeping in mind the involved design and development activity while CMS comes with built-in themes, plugin and many more with the necessity for low coding that results into the cost-effective website for the companies.
  • A CMS website dashboard is always live online by enabling easy access and quick control for the website.

CMS Development

Many large companies such as Cisco are implementing solutions for collaboration and innovation in their own production environments. One of the most recent roll outs of such a concept is in Mailchimp, this is a free newsletter software which allows you to roll out content to subscribers. However, a new feature was added to their 8.0 version which includes the submission and approval of content to supervisors and subordinates. The subordinate acts as the author and produces the content and sends it to the supervisor for approval and for the addition of the content into a project or which is being implemented by the team. This could be a training document which teaches an employee how to create a purchase order or it also might be a corporate Six Sigma class for teaching sales professionals. At the end of the day the key takeaway is this, as a boss you want to be able to approve any of the material that becomes a part of a training document, website content or anything else which is going to be posted which might effect the other workers or your corporate image. If a piece of false information is not properly weeded out of training documentation the net effect could be disastrous for the organization.

As a responsible professional the key to your success will surround the ability to monitor the authoring and content creating process. We are able to create custom Content Management Systems which will allow for a throughout review of any and all of the content which will be executed and submitted either to a training data bank or to a website. We are able to implement lower scale solutions for clients to enable their control and constant watch over content which should not be a part of the corporate lexicon.

In building sources of communication and collaboration we are also able to assist with the website development of your CMS site, this enables is to customize the elements of design and the features you would like to have embodying the look and feel of your site. Perhaps you have a particular logo and a particular brand, you would easily be able to have your branding on the site and have special collaboration forums which were designed to working smarter rather than harder.

Open Source CMS Solutions

We can come up a solution together as well whether you are looking for one of the more simple options like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Symfony, Yii which has a familiar branding template and allows for different kinds of items and collaboration to be chosen. Open Source CMS Solutions usually have fewer bells and whistles and yet are a great solution for a company that is just starting out or one that is attempting to get by on a bit of a shoestring budget. Depending on the needs of your users an open source still might work. However with a system like this the reporting function of hits and reviews may be a bit more limited due to its reasonable price tag. Sit down and talk with one of our developers to design a solution which will work for your people and your organization.

Custom CMS Solutions

A content management system is originally designed to serve for the content marketing needs like blogs. Now, WordPress, Magento and some more enterprise CMS solutions arranged with themes, plugins, and easy APIs customization to serve well for the present day SMBs website development needs. Here, WordPress is definitely a best content management system that can be useful for your CMS website development needs. Eons Soft Tech is there to help you with your website design in CMS yet instilling all your desired features and pages into the site.

Enterprise CMS from Eons Soft Tech

When discussing with one of our developers a custom solution can be designed to meet all of the needs of your organization. A few things to consider: How large is your organization? What aspects of document creation, training, and other processes are you trying to codify? All of these things should be considered when developing a CMS because the complication of the platform can greatly increase or decrease based on the elements of implementation which are selected. For example if you have 5000 users, you would want to allow anonymous access to most of the areas of content and require passwords for areas of restricted material. This could be done painfully with someone putting in all the names of the users or it could be handled easily by the construction of a script which would import all of the user names and passwords from another global platform. Pretty soon with a sit down and design session with one of our developers you will be able to determine the needs of your organization to move forward with the design and implementation.

However please remember that the most important element of all of this will be to ensure that the content of the internet, areas of training and collaboration and other public spaces for your organization are protected with a work flow process that goes from worker bee to the boss. This will assist your company in making certain that all people are taken care of and trained with the correct information.

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