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Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development from Eons Soft Tech

Custom software development is nowadays proven as the best opportunity to perform better online. Your target like B2B or B2C or travel community will be easy to connect and attract for the business. Importantly, your target audience is nowadays more familiar with the portal environment to transact well their needs. This is clearly indicating the necessity and use of the portal development for all the businesses worldwide. Eons Soft Tech got a strong team of experienced professionals to translate your B2B portal requirement or B2C portal or Travel portal requirement into the serene reality.

B2B Portal
It is a different set of features and design essential while developing a b2B portal. B2B online portal demands a lot more professional feel yet being user-friendly. Eons Soft Tech got ample exposure and experience in developing the best B2B portals for the worldwide clients.
B2C Portal
It is a different kind of challenge to develop B2C portal as the latest trends in this sector quite volatile depending upon the ever-changing desires & interests of the customer base. We develop B2C portals keeping in mind the latest trends happening all over the world. B2B portals worldwide will be the spectrum of instances here for doing the better work to our team. We always come up with the innovative practices for developing the B2C portals for the clients.
Real Estate Portal
A portal for a sector like Real estate is the not alone challenge, but also a task that demands good expertise in its successful completion. It is important here to think like real estate customers keeping in mind the huge volume of spending comes from the customer. We have good experience in this kind of portal development by working on various projects.
Travel Portal
Highly competitive sectors like travel and tourism always demand uniqueness as well as good technology intertwining in it. A travel portal development attracts good unique technology as well as innovation. We have a strong team to work on this kind of tasks with perfect uniqueness and latest technologies. We develop B2B travel portals and B2C travel portals very regularly for our clients.

Eons Soft Tech is not restricting services to the development of the above-mentioned portal as the b2B marketplace and B2C marketplace is always enormous. Here, directory portal development is another such task that successfully brings business entities and customers into the platform at once. We have extensive exposure in developing such directory portals and we always exceed well our clients’ expectations in the portal development tasks

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